Sell High

Remember the old adage, buy low, sell high? Doing it in reverse is what GUARANTEES you profit. Use the link we provide for you to sell a book that is in demand at a certain price.

Buy Low

You’ve already collected funds, now you need to deliver. Use the other link we provide you to buy that same book at a lower price.

Make Profit

Deliver the book to your buyer, pay your seller. Both links are provided by Flippiness. Everyone gets what they want. and YOU get the $$!

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I am making more money on here than I was at my full time job

" I was introduced to Flippiness by my husband. It became more my job as I was let go from my other job. Don't worry, I hated it. I have worked on Flippiness diligently everyday. I have been doing it for a month and a half and have a 92% success rate. I am making more money on here than I was at my full time job and working only 1/4 of the time. Today I just flipped $152 profit! Thanks Dinesh! "

Flippiness is for you

Flippiness is always discovering new money making opportunities. We scan millions of books every day to get you the best arbitrage opportunities.

Flexible schedule

Stay at Home Moms

Can't go to work because you need to take care of kids at home? Let work come to you. If you can put books in a box, you can use Flippiness.

Supplement your income

Online Sellers

Flippiness is much like online selling, except you do not need to wait for buyers, or sellers. We have already located them for you.

Pocket money X 10


Books have been a source of knowledge for you. Wisdom is knowing that you can now make money by flipping them.

Be your own boss


Can't find the job you want and can't take the job you get? Let Flippiness be a source of revenue during your transition. Warning: you may not take the next job.

I have been given the extra income needed to knock down the debt

"I have been with Flippiness since its beginning stage where each link was sold separately. I watched the website grow into a money making machine. With a minimal amount of time and effort I have made over a thousand dollars with many more opportunities to come in the future. Thanks to Dinesh I have been given the extra income needed to knock down the debt and do things I enjoy."

“Flipping” is the simplest money making opportunity. Using the Flippiness proven system, YOU easily keep the difference!

  • Minimum investment is only $5

  • New deals are added 24 X 7

  • No time commitment

  • Buy deals for as low as $1

  • Easy refunds when a deal is dud

  • Safe payment via PayPal

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Easy to use

Our proprietary system uncovers loopholes in the market and serves them up to you at whatever level you wish to participate. It's easy.

No risk

Since you are buying from established book vendors, you can always return your book for a refund.

Real results

A user of Flippiness has made about $90,000 in a year. Meet such users in our Facebook group.

This literally changed my life

" I cannot express how grateful I am to have found Flippiness. As a mother and a wife who worked a full time corporate job that I absolutely hated, I was fortunate enough to stumble upon Flippiness in July of last year. I am proud to say that in January, a short 6 months later, I was able to not only replace my income, but actually increase it and I brought myself home from work. This literally changed my life. "

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You may not know that billionaire Jeff Bezos began the giant corporation by flipping books. It worked then and it works now. I can’t promise you billions, but I can guarantee you can start an actual business TODAY by signing up.


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