Q. If there is REAL money, why are we not keeping it all?

Valid question. The process of flipping at Flippiness requires you to get the book shipped to your address, add the label that you got from the buying website and then ship it. This process makes it difficult to scale automatically. By sharing it with others, we can do what we are best at while making decent money from memberships. Memberships scale easily without added time requirement.

Q. I am not from United States. Can I still use Flippiness?

I am afraid Flipiness is currently limited to residents of USA. We are however working on more countries. If used textbooks are a big industry in your country and you want us to get there, please contact us and let us know the details along with the top websites for used books. This helps us with due diligence and expedites the process.

Q. Do I need to wait till someone buys the book?

No, the beauty of Flippiness is that you can sell your book to a website (insead of a person) that we link to instantly. This quote is good for a few days. As long as you ship by that date, you will get your money.

Q. Is this drop shipping? Can I get the seller to ship the book to the buyer directly?

I wish. If that was the case, I would do it covertly without opening the site up to you. Because of the process of getting the book delivered to your place and then changing the label, you can't really have the seller ship the book. Also, if I was the seller, I would cancel your order once I figured who would buy my book for a higher price to sell it there myself.

Q. I want to try it for free before I buy the monthly membership. Is it possible?

At the moment, our Bronze plan is free. You can try it out and see if Flippiness is something for you. Once you are ready, just upgrade your plan.

Q. Can you share what others have said about Flippiness?

Sure. "Flippiness has allowed me to create extra money by simply repacking books. I have been able to pay down student loans and purchase gear for upcoming travels with my profits. The gold membership allows me to sort my preferred seller sites and maximize my time flipping. I am looking forward to continued use and grwoth of the site and the money I make!" - Toby B.

If you have any more questions you can use the contact us page.